January Newsletter

  • Wednesday, 21 January 2015 00:00

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Hammond's Gnarly Barley Brewing has decided to join the Schilling Distributing family, with beer set to roll out in the Acadiana market on the week of January 5, 2015. The initial draught offerings will be:

  • Catahoula Common, a light colored refreshing lager with the “bite” of an ale. Its medium body and slight fruitiness from the atypical fermentation temperature creates an enjoyable Louisiana weather brew.
  • Radical Rye IPA, an India Pale Ale coupled with the peppery spice of rye and a big malty backbone. This bad boy is hoppy, spicy, sweet and strong...which we think makes it pretty rad!
  • Korova Milk Porter, a Baltic Oatmeal Milk Porter will change the way you think about porters. From its sweet coffee and chocolate flavor, to its silky smooth finish, this is one unique brew. 

Originating from the home of Zac and Cari Caramonta, Gnarly Barley Brewing got its start in a crowded garage, amongst the presence of two fat cats and a halfpipe. After being exposed to great craft beer, Zac began homebrewing, first, as an investigation into the brewing process, then with the objective to create beer equally as exceptional as the beers that had inspired him in the first place. Not long after, their garage took a form similar to a science lab and brewing became an addiction.

Gnarly Barley’s homebrewed beer debuted at the New Orleans on Tap beer festival with the Korova Milk Porter and the Hoppopotamus IPA. Gaining positive feedback through local beer festivals and finding many comrades in the local brewing community, Zac and Cari sought to open a microbrewery, giving Zac a better excuse to indulge in his obsession.

Established in 2011, Gnarly Barley Brewing is located in a 10,500 square foot facility in Hammond, Louisiana and consists of a two-vessel 30bbl Brewhouse, one hot and one cold liquor tank, four fermentation vessels, one bright beer tank and a whole lot of passion for craft beer.

Chafunkta Brewing joins the Schilling Family

  • Wednesday, 15 October 2014 00:00

Chafunkta Brewing, a Mandeville, LA based Nanobrewery, will be joining the Schilling portfolio later this month. Chafunkta was formed by Josh & Jamie Erickson in June of 2011.

Josh is currently a Software Development Manager at Bentley Systems, Inc., an engineering software company. Josh is also an avid home brewer, who brewed his first batch in a good old fashioned “Mr. Beer” in 1998. Since then, raising his 4 boys has taken priority over home brewing. In 2009 once his sons became older and could be mini-brewers themselves, Josh jumped back into the home brewing scene and became focused on creating the best and most consistent craft beers possible. 

Jamie’s a stay-at-home Mom whose life in recent years has been focused on raising her 4 sons. As Josh’s assistant brewer, she began to share his passion for home brewing and decided to brew her first batch of beer in May of 2010. Since then she and Josh have been brewing together side by side. 

Chafunkta Brewing Company was born from their shared interest and passion for brewing great craft beer. They started CBC with the hopes of doing something for a living that they both truly loved and enjoyed with great passion. They also firmly believe in increasing craft beer market awareness in Louisiana by creating and delivering great tasting beers. 

What's with that crazy name you ask? Well, the word 'Chafunkta', aka 'Tchefuncte', was an early Indian settlement located in what is now the city of Mandeville, LA. There is also a river named the Tchefuncte that is located in the Mandeville area.

As a family run, Mandeville, LA based brewery, we believe that passion and personal attention is the key to providing you with a fresh, complex, full of flavor taste that you deserve as a craft beer consumer. By focusing on small batch brewing, we’re able to put our love and attention into each and every batch, giving you the quality and consistency that we demand and expect from EVERY CBC brew. Louisiana owned, Louisiana brewed, Louisiana loved, YOUR Chafunkta Brewing Company is raising the bar, one brew at a time.